Clear Stamps Christmas Simplicity Corner Set


Pretty Things London
Christmas Simplicity Corner Set
Set includes 15 transparent silicone clear stamps

Add beautifully personalised touches to any of your creations. Use for card making, paper crafting and scrapbooking. Why not combine with our clear embossing ink pad and glitter embossing powders to take your creativity to a whole new level!

Stamp Dimensions W x H:
* Corner 1: 25mm x 25mm
* Corner 2: 24mm x 24mm
* Corner 3: 25mm x 25mm
* Corner 4: 25mm x 24mm
* Corner 5: 25mm x 25mm
* Corner 6: 28mm x 24mm
* Corner 7: 27mm x 25mm
* Corner 8: 25mm x 25mm
* Corner 9: 28mm x 25mm
* Corner 10: 31mm x 25mm
* Corner 11: 28mm x 30mm
* Corner 12: 27mm x25mm
* Corner 13: 28mm x 22mm
* Corner 14: 25mm x 22mm
* Corner 15: 15mm x 13mm

Stamping in four easy steps:

  1. Peel stamp from backing sheet.
  2. Stick stamp to acrylic block, stamps will cling to block without the need for adhesive making it easy to remove and replace.
  3. Ink your stamp
  4. Press stamp on to cardstock of choice.

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