Fine Holographic Glitter

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Holographic Fine Glitter
12 colours 
5g Jars

Add a vibrant slice of colour to any or all  your craft projects with this fantastic selection of holographic fine glitters.

Not all glitters are created equally, our high-grade quality glitter is suitable to be used on a wide variety of applications, from paper crafts to textiles (including leather), glass, resin and oh so much more!

Each holographic sheet is designed with a series of tiny embossed patterns to ensure that the individual glitter flake reflects different colours of light in different directions resulting in an irresistible rainbow colour dance.

This sparkling set contains the following holo colours: Radiant Pink, Crayola Cerulean, Zephyr Pink, Turquoise, Wine Red, Diamond Silver, Egyptian Blue, Light Olive, Gold, Green, Rouge Pink, Black

Heat resistant to 180°C 

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