Toner Foil by Pretty Things London

The Magic of Toner Foiling: Adding Shining Brilliance to Your Crafts

Are you looking for a creative method that allows you to easily add a dash of opulence and elegance to your creations? Look no further, toner foiling is here to enchant your works! We're going to expose you to the fascinating technique of toner foiling and invite you to enter the world of gorgeous metallic finishes and eye-catching designs.

Toner foiling is a captivatingly easy procedure that involves applying metallic or holographic foils to toner-covered surfaces under pressure and heat to produce a stunning and opulent effect that catches the light and moves with every aspect. To produce immaculate foiling results, we'll go over the numerous tools and procedures that are used.

It's crucial to remember that toner foils are not appropriate for hot foil stamping and that toner foiling calls for specialised reactive toner foils. Start by printing your design on a page. For the greatest results, use smooth, semi-coated stock materials that are not too absorbent, as some papers might negatively affect the foiled outcome if they absorb too much toner. The following step then varies slightly depending on the type of machine.

For best foiling results, we recommend using a suitable foiling device, such as the Precision Foil Pro - The Ultimate 2-in-1 Foil Applicator and Laminator.

Pretty Things London Toner Foils are the best to pair with the Precision Foil Pro to achieve those beautiful foiling effects! Our Toner Foils deliver a captivating metallic finish, adding luxury and sophistication to any project.

As we open the door to the realm of toner foiling, come along on this creative journey with us. Be prepared to be astounded by its glistening brilliance, its capacity to elevate the ordinary to the extraordinary, and its ability to profoundly affect everyone who is fortunate enough to view your artistic masterpieces.

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