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Detail embossing glitter powder set, black, white and blue, 3 x 10ml
Black Embossing Powder 10ml (Ultra Fine)Black Embossing Powder 10ml (Ultra Fine)
Detail embossing powder set in black, white and red
Pearl Pigment Powder, Mica Powder, BronzePearl Pigment Powder, Mica Powder, Bronze
Pretty Things London Bronze Pearl Pigment Powder
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Chunky Holographic GlitterChunky Holographic Glitter
Clear glitter embossing powder
Clear Embossing Powder 10ml (Ultra Fine)Clear Embossing Powder 10ml (Ultra Fine)
A set of six clear stamps from Pretty Things London, featuring winter animals in various festive scenes, including hedgehogs, ducks, and a cat with a Christmas bauble. The stamps are packaged in a clear plastic sheet with a green background.An open notebook with stamped designs made using the Pretty Things London Christmas Animals stamp set. The page displays colourful stamped images of hedgehogs, ducks, and a cat. The text "Infinite Creativity" emphasizes the endless potential for creating and inspiring with these stamps.
•	A set of clear stamps designed for scrapbooking, paper crafts, and card making by Pretty Things London. The set includes a Christmas tree, candy cane, ornament, star, gift box, candle, stocking, bells, and snowflake, all arranged neatly on a transparent sheet.A creative display of the Pretty Things clear stamps in action. The image shows a notebook with stamped images of a star, Christmas tree, candy cane, ornament, and gift box in various colours. A hand is seen stamping a red star on the page, emphasizing the endless potential to create and inspire with these stamps.
A clear stamp set from Pretty Things London, featuring Christmas-themed designs including the phrases 'Dear Santa,' 'Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle,' and 'Define Naughty!' along with images of a cat with a bow, holly, a Santa hat, and a Christmas ornament.An image showcasing the creative potential of the clear stamp set. The stamps have been used to create colourful Christmas designs in a notebook. The designs include 'Dear Santa,' 'Don't Get Your Tinsel in a Tangle,' and a Santa hat. A hand is shown stamping a red Santa hat on a clear block.
A set of Pretty Things London clear stamps for scrapbooking, paper crafts, and card making. The set includes five different snow globe designs, featuring a house, North Pole sign, gift box, decorated Christmas tree, and snowman. Each snow globe is detailed and festive, packaged in a clear, green-tinted plastic cover.Creative stamping example with Pretty Things London clear stamps. Stamps of snow globes with different designs are used to decorate a scrapbook page and a Christmas tree ornament. The image emphasizes 'INFINITE CREATIVITY,' showcasing the versatility and inspiration these stamps provide for various crafting projects.

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