Our Story

Carolina runs Pretty Things London with the help of her husband. She has always had an artistic eye and enjoyed creative activities. As a child, Carolina drove her mother crazy. She had her hands on anything colourful or vibrant - and experimented with mixing colours from a young age. Finally, Carolina pursued her lifelong dream to encourage customers to seize their imagination through colourful, bold artwork. Continuing her anecdotal experiences, Carolina's own children now create colourful explosions while engaging in creative activities at home! Perhaps they will take after their mother's legacy and encourage artistic expression for generations to come!

Our Philosophy

At the heart of Pretty Things London, we foster open-mindedness, flexibility and FUN! When it comes to art or philosophy, you must stay open-minded and accepting of varying viewpoints. To fully appreciate a work of art, you must understand the perspective and story behind it and this can only be done by listening whole-heartedly. Prepare to immerse yourself in the artistic world and stay flexible! But most importantly - have fun and allow your artwork to truly reflect your individuality!

Our Promise

Pretty Things London consistently delivers top-notch, affordable products. Although much of the manufacturing occurs abroad, we personally oversee research initiatives, new colouring mixes, and product testing. As an artist, it can be hard to find exactly what you are after. But with Pretty Things London, we promise to provide an abundance of unique crafting supplies with a use and colour unique to you!


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