Embossing Powder Kit Stamp and Pen


Pretty Thing London
Embossing Kit, Stamp Pad and Dual Tip Pen
8 Embossing Glitter Powders
1 Clear Stamp Pad
1 Dual Tip Embossing Pen

Take your paper crafting to a new dimension with this glitterrific embossing kit by Pretty Things London.

Embossing Glitter Powders included:

* Solid Clear
* Ultrafine White
* Ultrafine Black
* Solid Gold
* Solid Silver
* Solid Copper
* Ultrafine Candy Red
* Ultrafine Candy Blue


Get Creative in 3 easy steps: 

Stamp It / Draw It: Create a wet image using the embossing ink pad or draw it with the dual tip pen.

Glitter It: Sprinkle the embossing glitter powder over the wet ink, work quickly as the powder will only adhere to wet ink. Once wet ink is covered, tip the loose powder back into the pot for another project. Stray traces of powder can be brushed off gently.

Heat it: Using a heat gun, gently apply even heat to the glitter powder and watch it melt creating a stunning raised effect. Wait for it... It takes a few seconds for the molten powder to solidify.

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