Embossing Dual Tip Pen

Pretty Things London
Embossing Dual Tip Pen
1 x Brush Tip & Bullet Tip Pen

Perfect embossing every time!

For outstanding embossing you need high quality base products. Our embossing dual tip pen help kick-start your embossing project the right way. Slow to dry and remarkable adhesion allows you to achieve perfect results consistently.

How to:

Draw It: With this dual tip pen, your potential is limitless - go get creative!

Pour It: Sprinkle the embossing powder liberally over the wet ink and pour the excess back into the pot for a future project - Have you tried Pretty Things London embossing powder glitter? It is a must have!

Heat It: Using a heat gun, gently and evenly melt the powder and watch it melt. Wait for it - give it a few seconds for the molten powder to dry.

Love It: Enjoy perfectly embossed results every time.

Follow these steps to ensure embossing pen longevity.

1. To prevent pen from drying on one side, keep flat.

2. If one side is dry, place pen dry side down until tip re-saturates, then store flat.

Pretty Things London embossing pen is not ergonomically designed as a refill but it is possible!

To refill pen, simply open the pen and remove the ink reservoir. Each tip has its own reservoir making it easier to refill the side of choice.
Add one drop at a time into the ink reservoir and gently squeeze the reservoir so that the ink resaturates. Adding ink to both sides of the reservoir will make the process quicker whilst ensuring full saturation.


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