Embossing Dual Tip Pen


Add a touch of elegance to your paper crafts with our dual-tip embossing pen!

A heat embossing pen is a specialised pen used in paper making, specifically in the heat embossing process. Heat embossing is a technique for adding raised, glossy, or metallic designs to paper or other materials by melting and adhering embossing powder to the surface. A heat embossing pen simplifies the application of embossing powder to particular regions of a stamped image or the creation of hand-drawn motifs.

Key features and benefits:

  • A heat embossing pen allows you to create freehand designs.
  • With a dual-tip embossing pen, you have more control, making it easier to create intricate designs.
  • A heat embossing pen allows you to add your personal touch to your paper crafting projects by creating unique, hand-drawn designs that can be embossed with powder.

Usage instructions:

  1. Use the pen to apply your image or text freehand.
  2. Cover the ink with embossing powder making sure to apply enough powder.
  3. Shake off any excess powder and use a heat tool to melt the powder onto the paper or other material you are using. Hold the heat tool 2-3 inches away from the paper and move it back and forth until the powder melts and becomes shiny and raised.
  4. Allow the embossed area to cool before handling.

Care instructions:

  1. After using the heat embossing pen, clean any excess powder from the tip by wiping it with a soft cloth or tissue.
  2. Store the heat embossing pen flat and with the caps on to prevent the ink from drying out.

Ready to take your paper crafting to the next level? Don't miss out on the benefits of this valuable tool – get yours today and start creating beautiful, embossed designs that are sure to impress!

Follow these steps to ensure embossing pen longevity.

1. To prevent pen from drying on one side, keep flat.

2. If one side is dry, place pen dry side down until tip re-saturates, then store flat.

Pretty Things London embossing pen is not ergonomically designed as a refill but it is possible!

To refill pen, simply open the pen and remove the ink reservoir. Each tip has its own reservoir making it easier to refill the side of choice.
Add one drop at a time into the ink reservoir and gently squeeze the reservoir so that the ink resaturates. Adding ink to both sides of the reservoir will make the process quicker whilst ensuring full saturation.


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