Glitter - Diamond Silver (Ultra Fine)

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Ignite your creative spark with the enchanting brilliance of our Fine Holographic Glitter in Diamond Silver. Tailored for artists, crafters, and DIY enthusiasts, this premium glitter lets you add a dazzling touch to any project. From illuminating greeting cards and enhancing home décor to adding a celestial shimmer to your artwork, our ultra-fine glitter provides an awe-inspiring holographic sparkle that captures the essence of light from every angle.


  • Fine Cut: Perfect for achieving smooth, detailed applications.
  • Holographic Effect: Each particle reflects a multitude of colours, creating stunning visual effects.
  • Versatility: Ideal for crafts, scrapbooking, nail art, and more.
  • Easy-to-Use: Effortlessly sprinkle, layer, and adhere to any surface.
  • Packaging: Comes in a resealable 5g jar to ensure freshness and minimise waste.


  1. Prepare Your Surface: Select your project base, such as paper, fabric, or wood.
  2. Apply Adhesive: Use craft glue or clear lacquer for optimal adhesion.
  3. Sprinkle Generously: Cover the adhesive with a fine layer of glitter.
  4. Shake Off Excess: Gently shake off any excess glitter to reveal your design.
  5. Seal the Glitter: Apply a top coat of sealant to lock in the shine and protect your work.


  • Net Weight: 5g
  • Glitter Type: Fine cut
  • Colour: Holographic Diamond Silver
  • Container Dimensions: 3.5 cm diameter x 2 cm height
  • Material: Synthetic holographic particles


"I used this Fine Holographic Glitter to create stunning holiday ornaments. The diamond silver shimmer caught the light beautifully, making each piece look magical." – Emma, Craft Enthusiast

Unlock endless creative possibilities with Fine Holographic Glitter in Diamond Silver. It's more than just sparkle—it's about transforming your ideas into radiant masterpieces. Let your creativity soar in crafts, mixed media, décor, and beyond. Explore, experiment, and express yourself with every shimmering sprinkle!

Add a touch of brilliance to your projects with the breathtaking allure of Fine Holographic Glitter in Diamond Silver—get yours today!

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