Glitter - Diamond Silver (Regular)

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Elevate your artistic creations with the shimmering beauty of our Regular Holographic Glitter in Diamond Silver. Perfect for those who love to experiment, this versatile glitter brings a radiant sparkle to every project. Whether you're crafting festive decorations, personalising gifts, or designing eye-catching artwork, our regular cut glitter delivers a brilliant holographic effect that makes your projects shine.


  • Regular Cut: Ideal for bold and textured applications.
  • Holographic Shine: Reflects a spectrum of colours, creating a mesmerising display.
  • Multi-Use: Perfect for crafts, decorations, body art, and more.
  • Simple Application: Easy to sprinkle, mix, and adhere.
  • Packaging: Comes in a resealable 5g jar to keep your glitter fresh and easy to use.


  1. Choose Your Surface: Pick a suitable base like wood, plastic, or paper.
  2. Apply Adhesive: Use a reliable glue or adhesive.
  3. Sprinkle Glitter: Evenly distribute the glitter over the adhesive.
  4. Shake Off Excess: Remove any loose particles to reveal your design.
  5. Seal for Durability: Apply a finishing sealant to keep the sparkle intact.


  • Net Weight: 5g
  • Glitter Type: Regular cut
  • Colour: Holographic Diamond Silver
  • Container Dimensions: 3.5 cm diameter x 2 cm height
  • Material: Synthetic holographic particles


"I used this Regular Holographic Glitter to decorate my picture frames, and they turned out stunning! The diamond silver holographic effect added a magical touch." – Alex, DIY Enthusiast

Transform your creations with the dazzling brilliance of Regular Holographic Glitter in Diamond Silver. Perfect for adding a touch of sparkle to any project, this glitter helps your imagination shine. Unleash your creativity and create masterpieces that captivate and delight.

Bring a touch of magic to your crafts with Regular Holographic Glitter in Diamond Silver—order now and start sparkling!

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