Glitter - Green (Holographic Trio)

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Unleash your creativity with our Green Glitter Trio! Featuring a stunning range of cuts – fine, regular, and chunky – each jar in this trio offers a unique sparkle to enhance your craft projects. Whether you're accentuating scrapbook entries, jazzing up greeting cards, or adding a touch of shimmer to your decor, these vibrant glitters provide the perfect blend of versatility and brilliance.


  • Three Unique Textures: Choose from fine, regular, or chunky cuts to achieve different visual effects.
  • Vibrant Green Colour: A rich, eye-catching shade that adds a pop of Colour to any craft.
  • High-Quality Holographic Glitter: Each glitter type reflects light beautifully, ensuring your projects sparkle.
  • Easy-to-Use Jars: Comes in conveniently sized 5g jars for easy handling and storage.


  1. Select Your Glitter Cut: Choose a glitter cut that suits your project needs.
  2. Prepare the Surface: Apply a layer of glue or adhesive to your project surface.
  3. Apply the Glitter: Sprinkle glitter over the adhesive area until fully covered.
  4. Set the Glitter: Allow the adhesive to dry completely, securing the glitter in place.
  5. Shake Off Excess: Gently shake off any excess glitter to reveal your sparkling design.


  • Weight: 5g per jar
  • Glitter Type: Holographic
  • Colours: Green
  • Cut Types: Fine, Regular, Chunky
  • Packaging: Securely sealed jars to prevent spills

Dive into a sea of creativity with our Green Glitter Trio! Whether you're adding a subtle shimmer or a bold burst of Colour, these glitters are perfect for personalising greeting cards, customising decorations, or even enhancing your wardrobe accessories. Experiment with different combinations and layers to discover new artistic expressions and make your projects uniquely yours.

Let your creativity shine with our Green Glitter Trio, each cut offering a unique way to enhance your designs—shop now!

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