Embossing Powder - Sky Blue

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Bring the calm of a clear sky to your projects with Pretty Things London's Sky Blue Embossing Powder. Perfect for creating soothing, raised effects on your cards, scrapbooks, and more. Its fine texture ensures a smooth finish and superior adhesion for consistently professional results.


  • Tranquil Sky Blue Colour: Provides a soft, calming hue.
  • Fine Texture: Ensures smooth and even application.
  • Resealable 10ml Container: Keeps the powder safe and prevents spills.
  • High-Quality Composition: Offers excellent adhesion for long-lasting results.


  1. Prepare Your Design: Apply a layer of ink using an embossing pen or stamp to your paper.
  2. Apply Powder: Sprinkle the Sky Blue Embossing Powder over the wet ink, ensuring full coverage.
  3. Tap Off Excess: Gently tap off any excess powder.
  4. Heat to Set: Use a heat tool to melt and raise the powder, transforming it into a stunning metallic finish.


  • Container Size: 10ml
  • Colour: Sky Blue
  • Texture: Fine powder
  • Packaging: Comes in a sturdy, resealable container

Unleash your creativity with the serene hue of Sky Blue. Perfect for enhancing wedding invitations, greeting cards, or personalising gifts, our embossing powder adds a calming touch to your projects. Experiment with layering colours or using stencils to create intricate, multi-dimensional designs that captivate. Sparkle with every creation!

Achieve beautiful, lustrous effects effortlessly with our Embossing Powder in Sky Blue, your essential for tranquil, eye-catching details—buy now!

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