Toner Foil Roll Set

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Pretty Things London
Toner Foil (TRF) Set in Protective Storage Case

5 foil rolls measuring 11.5cm x 10m (50m total)
Hard protective case with removable dividers

This set contains 5 rolls, each measuring 11.5cm x 10m. You will receive one of each of the following colours:

✔  Holographic Gold

✔  Holographic Silver

✔  Rose Gold

✔ Silver

✔ Gold


✔ Storage case with removable dividers

  1. QUALITY & VALUE – This set contains 5 rolls. Each roll measures 11.5cm x 10 cm. 50 metres total giving you enough foil for hundreds of crafting projects.
  1. BEAUTIFUL COLOURS – Holographic Gold, Holographic Silver, Rose Gold, Silver, Gold.
  1. PROTECTED STORAGE – Hard case ensures your foils remain intact and dust free during transport and storage. Removable separators allow for easy access and configurable storage.
  1. FOR BEST RESULTS: Requires laser printed image (toner ink). Use with a pouch laminator with adjustable temperature and micron setting. Foil A’Peel is compatible with most laminators (including Minc). If using low heat laminators, it may be necessary to run through the laminator several times to achieve desired results.

  2. EASY TO USE - For small touches or embellishments, the quickest method is to use in conjunction with the specially formulated Pretty Things London Crafty SideStick glue pen.

Get Creative in 4 easy steps:

  1. Print design using a laser printer (toner ink)
  2. Cover with Pretty Thing London toner foil
  3. Run through a laminator ensuring it is hot enough.
  4. Gently peel back foil, sit back and enjoy your perfect results!


* Over foiling: You may find that the foil transfers to parts of the image with no toner foil present. This is due to overheating (the laminator is to hot) and/or too much compression from the rollers inside the laminator. This can be fixed by allowing the laminator to cool down; by adjusting the Micron/thickness setting on the laminator or by using paper/card with a lower GSM.

* Under foiling: Sometimes the foil does not adhere fully to the design, producing a distressed look. This is due to incorrect temperature setting. This can be fixed by allowing the laminator to heat for a longer time.

* Combination of over and under foiling: The paper is not compatible. 

If in doubt, please contact us for support

Get Creative in 4 easy steps:

1. Print design using a laser printer (toner ink)
2. Cover design with Pretty Things London toner foil
3. Run through a foiling machine or a laminator
4. Gently peel back foil and enjoy perfect results

Don't have a laser printer? Not a problem, toner foils work perfectly using Pretty Things London Crafty SideStick!

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