Embossing Powder by Pretty Things London

In this blog, we'll set off on a fascinating voyage of exploration as we learn all there is to know about embossing powder. We will explore, find out about the numerous types and finishes offered, and learn the tricks to get perfect results. 

So, let me explain the most accessible form of the use of embossing powder for people who are just getting started:

  • Firstly, when making a wet image, you can use either an embossing ink pad or an embossing pen to ink a stamp—this is the traditional method.
  • Working quickly is essential to keep the ink tacky as we add the powder to get the desired result.
  • Let's bring some magic to our creation by dusting it liberally to the area that we want to elevate, to make it truly outstanding!
  • The ink must still be wet in order for the powder to adhere to it. Tap the sheet to remove any extra powder, then let it fall back into the container.
  • Powder spills can be carefully cleaned away or brushed aside.
  • Using a heat tool, warm the powder, being sure to distribute the heat across the surface evenly. It is best to approach from below. 
  • So as not to overheat or burn the paper, move the tool slowly and consistently.
  • When the powder melts, a raised finish is left behind. 
  • Avoid touching the molten powder too soon because it will take a few seconds to solidify. 

There you go friends, I hope you now have a better understanding of how to utilise embossing powder effectively. Just explore the fascinating world of embossing powder, where imagination has no bounds and artistic fantasies become vibrant reality, and let your creativity soar to new heights.

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