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Foil A'Peel (TRF) Toner Reactive Foils. 5 rolls in protective storage case. Foil A'Peel toner reactive foil set in a clear plastic case, showing multiple rolls of colourful foils. The label on the case reads the brand 'Pretty Things London'.Open case of Foil A'Peel toner reactive foils, containing five rolls in gold, silver, holographic silver, rose gold, and holographic gold. Text reads 'Quality & Value' and mentions each roll measures 11.5cm x 10m, totalling 50 meters for various crafting projects.
Pretty Things London Toner Foil Roll - Set
Sale price£25.99 GBP
Embossing powder set: Includes 8 colours, 1 clear stamp pad and 1 embossing penA comprehensive embossing set featuring various colours of embossing powder, a clear ink pad, and an embossing pen. The set includes neatly organized jars of embossing powder in a transparent case.Graphic displaying eight 10 ml jars of glitter embossing powder in different colors: gold, silver, copper, clear, white, black, candy red, and candy blue. Text highlights the variety and the application of each powder.
Pretty Things London Embossing Powder Set
Sale price£22.99 GBP
A single roll of holographic silver toner foil, reflecting a spectrum of colours.Graphic of a holographic silver toner foil roll measuring 11.5 cm by 10 m. Text explains how the stunning holographic silver foil can enhance printing projects, adding a dynamic and modern touch to wedding invitations, award certificates, framed prints, and business cards.
Clear stamps various butterflies and flowers card making and scrapbookingClear stamps various butterflies and flowers paper crafts
Clear stamp set leaves and flowers card making and scrapbookingClear stamp set leaves and flowers paper crafting

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